Panthers News · Panthers Open Up OK Red Competition

  Place Points
West Ottawa High School 3rd 50

The Panthers dropped two competitive losses to OK Red rivals this Thursday. Final score against the Scots was 45-30 and against the Buccaneers 54-20.

Undefeated wrestlers were:

103 James Diel
130 Owen Foster
215 Andrew Vandyke

The Panther’s current record is 2-3 and competes next in Rockford on February 20, 2021.


Caledonia 45 West Ottawa 30
145: Owen Norman (CALEDON) over Damian Fernandez (HOLWOTT) (Fall 2:47)
152: Dylan Meduna (CALEDON) over Avont Chanthalanon (HOLWOTT) (Fall 5:53)
160: Owen Graham (CALEDON) over Quincy Moyo (HOLWOTT) (Fall 0:49)
171: Ethan Brown (CALEDON) over Michael Higgins (HOLWOTT) (Fall 0:16)
189: Ricardo Flores (HOLWOTT) over (CALEDON) (For.)
215: Ryan Stanton (CALEDON) over (HOLWOTT) (For.)
285: Andrew VanDyke (HOLWOTT) over Jaden Millet (CALEDON) (Fall 0:57)
103: James Diel (HOLWOTT) over Jordan Kovicak (CALEDON) (Fall 0:48)
112: Ethan Berends (CALEDON) over Anthony Jaramillo (HOLWOTT) (Fall 1:26)
119: Julio Sanchez (HOLWOTT) over Noah Hanna (CALEDON) (Fall 4:10)
125: Riley McNutt (CALEDON) over Alias Mao (HOLWOTT) (Dec 10-4)
130: Matthew Hakken (HOLWOTT) over Ethan Knapp (CALEDON) (Dec 6-4)
135: Owen Foster (HOLWOTT) over Cade Graham (CALEDON) (Dec 5-1)
140: James Hall (CALEDON) over Robert Esquivel (HOLWOTT) (Fall 0:49)

Grand Haven 54 West Ottawa 20
152: Jake Mahoney (GRDHAVEN) over Avont Chanthalanon (HOLWOTT) (Fall 2:55)
160: Zach Boersen (GRDHAVEN) over Quincy Moyo (HOLWOTT) (Fall 1:31)
171: Michael Higgins (HOLWOTT) over (GRDHAVEN) (For.)
189: Dustin Golden (GRDHAVEN) over Ricardo Flores (HOLWOTT) (Fall 2:35)
215: Andrew VanDyke (HOLWOTT) over Matt Zelenka (GRDHAVEN) (MD 13-1)
285: Dayne Arnett (GRDHAVEN) over Juan Zamudio (HOLWOTT) (Fall 1:08)
103: James Diel (HOLWOTT) over Brody Dora (GRDHAVEN) (MD 12-4)
112: Aidan Pike (GRDHAVEN) over Anthony Jaramillo (HOLWOTT) (Fall 1:09)
119: Hefzur Rahman (GRDHAVEN) over Julio Sanchez (HOLWOTT) (Dec 9-3)
125: Logan Vining (GRDHAVEN) over Matthew Hakken (HOLWOTT) (Dec 7-2)
130: Jeremiah Johnson (GRDHAVEN) over Alias Mao (HOLWOTT) (Fall 3:16)
135: Owen Foster (HOLWOTT) over Logan Hough (GRDHAVEN) (Fall 3:27)
140: Bode Wilson (GRDHAVEN) over Robert Esquivel (HOLWOTT) (Fall 3:48)
145: Joe Scarbrough (GRDHAVEN) over Damian Fernandez (HOLWOTT) (Fall 1:11)