Panthers News · Foster Upsets State Ranked Opponent at Rockford Quad

  Place Points
West Ottawa High School 0th 0

Despite closing the gap on the competition, the Panthers drop three losses to OK Red rivals at the Rockford Quad this Saturday.

Jenison 49 West Ottawa 21
Hudsonville 55 West Ottawa 22
Rockford 61West Ottawa 18

Most notable match for the West Ottawa was at 130 with Owen Foster (130, So) defeated #10 state ranked wrestler Jenison’s Trey Van Hooren with a major decision 18-6.

Going undefeated for the Panthers:
103 James Diel
119 Jaicob Un
130 Alias Mao
135 Owen Foster

The Panther’s current record is 2-6 and competes next in Grandville on February 24, 2021.

Jenison 49 West Ottawa 21
103: James Diel (HOLWOTT) over Emma Norman (JENISON) (TF 15-0 0:00)
112: Anthony Jaramillo (HOLWOTT) over (JENISON) (For.)
119: Julio Sanchez (HOLWOTT) over Christian Schaub (JENISON) (Dec 10-4)
125: Isaac Hernandez (JENISON) over Matthew Hakken (HOLWOTT) (Dec 6-4)
130: Owen Foster (HOLWOTT) over Trey Van Hooren (JENISON) (MD 18-6)
135: Jacob Gregg (JENISON) over Alexis Serrano-Giron (HOLWOTT) (TF 19-3 0:00)
140: Brodey Falbe (JENISON) over Robert Esquivel (HOLWOTT) (Fall 0:30)
145: Mike Loney Jr (JENISON) over Damian Fernandez (HOLWOTT) (Fall 0:57)
152: Ray Wilkinson (JENISON) over Avont Chanthalanon (HOLWOTT) (Fall 0:44)
160: Matt Whitcomb (JENISON) over Quincy Moyo (HOLWOTT) (TF 16-1 0:00)
171: Michael Higgins (HOLWOTT) over Peter Burris (JENISON) (MD 14-2)
189: Chris Van Opstall (JENISON) over Ricardo Flores (HOLWOTT) (Fall 1:01)
215: John Van Opstall (JENISON) over Andrew VanDyke (HOLWOTT) (Fall 0:47)
285: Ryan Robinson (JENISON) over Juan Zamudio (HOLWOTT) (Fall 2:52)

Hudsonville 55 West Ottawa 22
103: James Diel (HOLWOTT) over (HUDVILLE) (For.)
112: Piercon Alvair (HUDVILLE) over Anthony Jaramillo (HOLWOTT) (Dec 3-0)
119: Jaicob Un (HOLWOTT) over (HUDVILLE) (For.)
125: Julio Sanchez (HOLWOTT) over Michael Biggar (HUDVILLE) (MD 14-5)
130: Jacob Rottier (HUDVILLE) over Matthew Hakken (HOLWOTT) (MD 17-3)
135: Owen Foster (HOLWOTT) over (HUDVILLE) (For.)
140: Tyler Arntz (HUDVILLE) over Alexis Serrano-Giron (HOLWOTT) (Fall 1:14)
145: Hunter Nykamp (HUDVILLE) over Damian Fernandez (HOLWOTT) (Fall 2:53)
152: Elijah Reinsma (HUDVILLE) over Quincy Moyo (HOLWOTT) (Fall 1:16)
160: Cory Rozelle (HUDVILLE) over Avont Chanthalanon (HOLWOTT) (Fall 0:41)
171: Jager Hoeksema (HUDVILLE) over Michael Higgins (HOLWOTT) (Fall 3:21)
189: Devin Mervau (HUDVILLE) over Ricardo Flores (HOLWOTT) (Fall 1:25)
215: Duane White (HUDVILLE) over Aaron Phetirath (HOLWOTT) (Fall 2:15)
285: Michael Momber (HUDVILLE) over Andrew VanDyke (HOLWOTT) (Fall 0:25)

Rockford 61West Ottawa 18
103: James Diel (HOLWOTT) over Amilcar Ruis-Diaz (ROCKFORD) (Fall 0:50)
112: Ken Aguilar (ROCKFORD) over Anthony Jaramillo (HOLWOTT) (Fall 2:20)
119: Jak Keller (ROCKFORD) over Julio Sanchez (HOLWOTT) (TF 18-3 0:00)
125: Elijah Bunn (ROCKFORD) over Matthew Hakken (HOLWOTT) (TF 21-6 0:00)
130: Alias Mao (HOLWOTT) over Nathen Westcott (ROCKFORD) (Fall 0:57)
135: Owen Foster (HOLWOTT) over Louis Bosscher (ROCKFORD) (Fall 2:57)
140: Bryce Gordon (ROCKFORD) over Alexis Serrano-Giron (HOLWOTT) (Fall 1:38)
145: Brysonn Aulbach (ROCKFORD) over (HOLWOTT) (For.)
152: Nick Wrest (ROCKFORD) over Quincy Moyo (HOLWOTT) (Fall 1:02)
160: Ryan Ahern (ROCKFORD) over Michael Higgins (HOLWOTT) (Fall 1:08)
171: Moses Bosscher (ROCKFORD) over Ricardo Flores (HOLWOTT) (Fall 0:56)
189: Luke Watkins (ROCKFORD) over (HOLWOTT) (For.)
215: Charles Feeley (ROCKFORD) over Andrew VanDyke (HOLWOTT) (Dec 6-4)
285: Hunter Chilcote (ROCKFORD) over Juan Zamudio (HOLWOTT) (Fall 1:14)