Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions


Q: Where can I turn in my athletic physical during the school year?

A:  During the school year, you can submit the physical to the school office.  Please ask that it get sent to the athletic office at Harbor Lights MS.   


Q:  Will A/B teams be formed for Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, & Volleyball?

A:  During the 2020-2021, WO Black will participate with other MKO Conference schools on the A schedule for Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, & Volleyball. 

Q:  Do you need a physical on file the first day?

A:  Yes, every student athlete needs to have an athletic physical on file prior to the first day of the sports season.  The student can bring a copy of the physical to the coach on the first day, however, you are still responsible to get a copy of the physical to the athletic office too.

Q:  Do you need to pay for athletic insurance even if you have primary coverage thru your employer?

A: Yes.   The 2020-2021 rate is $35 per season/per athlete.  If an athlete plays a Fall sport, Winter sport and Spring sport, they are required to pay each season in the amount of $35.00.  

Q:  What time is practice?  Is it every day?

A:  Practice starts after school beginning at 3 p.m.   Plan on practice or a game every day during the season.  From time to time, individual coaches will need to make adjustments to schedules.  Your coach will provide a practice & game schedule before the season starts.

Q:  Will cuts be made?

A:  Historically, the following sports have been cut sports:  Volleyball, Soccer, and Basketball.  Other teams may be limited in size due to available resources & the safety of the athletes.

Q:  Will there be WO Black & WO White team formation?

A:  Yes. 

Q: Are eligibility checks made in season for current season athletes?

A: Yes.  Each Monday, eligibility checks are made.  If a student is not passing 5/6 classes, they are considered not eligible for the week’s games (Monday-Sunday).  A student will be considered not eligible until the student is passing 5/6 classes. In other words, you need to be passing 5/6 classes to remain eligible. 

Q:  Can MS athletes see the Athletic Trainers?

A:  Yes, through Holland Hospital’s FREE Injury and Concussion Screening Clinic. Please call the Injury Clinic today to schedule an appointment! (616)-355-3908. 

Q:  Does WO have a RETURN TO PLAY program in place for athletes who sustain a concussion?

A:  Yes.  Contact the Athletic Trainers at 616.786.1100 ext. 8180 for more information.

Questions?  Contact Mr. Bill Kennedy, Athletic Director, West Ottawa Public Schools 616-786-1118