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Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions


Q:  What is a Panther Card?  Do I need one to participate? 

A:  A Panther Card is a document provided by the Middle Athletic Office.  The card indicates that an athlete has an athletic physical on file, paid insurance, & has completed an eligibility check.  You will need a panther card each season.  Cards are issued approximately one week prior to the start date of the season.  You will not be allowed to tryout/participate until you have a Panther Card.  Insurance can be paid to the Middle School Athletic office during school hours & posted evening hours. 

Q:  How do I find my way on the new WO Middle School campus for athletic events?

A:  Click here to view West Ottawa Middle School Athletic Facilities Map

Q: How do I sign up for sports? Thinking about playing?  

A:   Click this  link to for Sign ups . Check your emails for updated information shortly before the season begins. 

Q:  Will A/B teams be formed for Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, & Volleyball?

A:  Beginning in the 2017-2018, WO Black will participate with other MKO Conference schools on the A schedule for Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, & Volleyball. 

Q:  Do you need a physical on file the first day?

A:  Yes, every student athlete needs to have an athletic physical on file prior to the first day of the sports season.  The student can bring a copy of the physical to the coach on the first day, however, you are still responsible to get a copy of the physical to the athletic office too.

Q: Where can I turn in the athletic physical?

A:  During the school year, you can submit the physical to the school office.  Please ask that it get sent to the athletic office at Harbor Lights MS.   If during the summer months, you can submit the physical to the high school athletic office on Mondays. It is recommended you call the high school athletic office to confirm it will be open. Always make a copy for your personal records. 

Q:  Do you need to pay for athletic insurance even if you have primary coverage thru your employer?

A: Yes.   The 2017-2018 rate is $33.00 per season/per athlete.  If an athlete plays a Fall sport, Winter sport and Spring sport; they are required to pay each season in the amount of $33.00.  

Q:  What time is practice?  Is it every day?

A:  Practice starts after school beginning at 3 p.m.   Plan on practice or a game every day during the season.  From time to time, individual coaches will need to make adjustments to schedules.  Your coach will provide a practice & game schedule before the season starts.

Q:  Will cuts be made?

A:  Historically, the following sports have been cut sports:  Volleyball, Soccer, and Basketball.  Other teams may be limited in size due to available resources & the safety of the athletes.

Q:  Will there be WO Black & WO White team formation?

A:  Yes. 

Q: Are eligibility checks made in season for current season athletes?

A: Yes.  Each Monday, eligibility checks are made.  If a student is not passing 5/7 classes, they are considered not eligible for the week’s games (Monday-Sunday).  A student will be considered not eligible until the student is passing 5/7 classes. Another words, you need to be passing 6/7 classes to remain eligible. 

Q:  Can MS athletes see the Athletic Trainers?

A:  Yes.  Click here for more information

Q:  Does WO have a RETURN TO PLAY program in place for athletes who sustain a concussion?

A:  Yes.  Contact the Athletic Trainers at 616.786.1100 ext. 8180 for more information.

Q:  How do I turn my athletic physical in during the summer months?

A:  You can scan it to OR you can drop it off to the HS athletic office during summer business hours on Mondays.  Call 786-1118 for dates/times the office is open. 

Q:  Is the MS athletic office open during the summer?

A:  No, the MS office is not open.  However, the HS athletic office located at the North Building is open for limited days/times during the summer.  Call 786-1118 for dates/times the office is open. 

Please feel free to contact the MS athletic office at 616-786-1019 with your questions.