Panthers News · Spring Sport Antigen Test Procedures

On Monday April 12th West Ottawa Athletics will begin it’s MI Safer Sports Testing Program. The Athletic Department has put many hours in making sure that this program minimizes conflicts with classroom instruction and after school practice hours. Each testing center will be staffed by individuals who have a Health Care background and will be trained by our Athletic Training Staff and supported by the Athletic Department on a daily basis.

We will be utilizing a schedule that will require Student Athletes to take their test during the school day. Each athlete will be assigned a given day based on their team’s assigned day of the week. It will be important that the Student Athlete reports to the Testing Center during their assigned time. Each Student Athlete will receive their assigned time slot from their Spring Sport Coach. If a student has a schedule conflict they should communicate the conflict with the Athletic Office. Their will be open time slots during the afternoon each day to accommodate these conflicts.

Team Assignments

Monday – High School – Boys Water Polo, Girls Water Polo, Baseball, Boys Golf, Girls Lacrosse                Middle School – No Monday Test

Tuesday – High School – Girls Tennis, Boys Lacrosse, Girls Soccer                                                                     Middle School – Boys Track

Wednesday – High School – Boys Water Polo, Girls Water Polo, Boys Track, Girls Track, Softball,           Middle School – Girls Track

Thursday – High School – Rugby, Boys Volleyball, Sailing                                                                                    Middle School – Girls Soccer

Friday – High School – Boys Water Polo, Girls Water Polo                                                                                    Middle School – Boys Tennis


Antigen Testing Procedure: 

In order for student-athletes to test they will need to have completed the paperwork (‘MDHHS Participant Code of Conduct’ and ‘Consent for COVID-19 Antigen Test’) that is now on Final Forms. Each form will only need to be filled out time per child and must be done prior to testing. NO PAPERWORK = NO TEST = NO PLAY/PRACTICE. Each athlete will be assigned a unique identification number and a scheduled time slot. It is important to remind your child/children to report to their designated ‘Testing Room’ (see test locations below) on time. If they do not arrive on time it will have a big effect on that day’s schedule and could lead to them missing practices or competitions. Any scheduling conflicts should be addressed asap with the respective contacts for each building (see building contacts below). 

This link includes a (2 minute) training video explaining how the test works: Antigen Test Training Video *scroll down to videos*

Step by step procedure from the tester’s perspective:

  • Ask the athlete if there are experiencing any symptoms. If yes, send home for PCR test.
  • Ask if the athlete has tested positive within the last 90 days (must be PCR test). If yes, no test required if they have a doctor’s note on file attesting to this. If no, proceed with testing. 
  • Remove card from its pouch just before use and lay flat on table. 
  • Write down the athlete’s unique identifier and collection time of swab on front of card using a sharpie.
  • Hand athlete the swab, making sure the swab is fully inserted into the nostril. Athletes may swab themselves. 
  • Rotate swab 5 times or more against the nasal wall of BOTH nostrils using the same swab, then slowly remove.
  • As the athlete is swabbing, the tester can prepare the reagent: 6 drops into the top hole of the ‘swab well’. Do not touch the card with the dropper tip while dispensing. 
  • Insert swab into bottom hole and firmly push upward so that the swab is visible in the top hole. 
  • Rotate the swab shaft 3 times clockwise. Do not remove swab.
  • Peel off adhesive liner from the right edge of the test card and securely seal the card.
  • Wait 15 minutes and read the results displayed in the window of the card. Results should be read no sooner than 15 minutes after test and no later than 30 minutes after test. 


What if an athlete reports symptoms prior to taking the test? They cannot take the antigen test and need to then get a PCR test. Refer to the symptom guidelines on Figure 1, pg. 11 of COVID-19 Prevention and Response. PCR tests can be scheduled here: Holland Hospital COVID-19 PCR Testing.

What if an athlete tests positive? Parents will be contacted immediately, the athlete will be put in isolation until he/she can go home, and parents will be provided the link to sign up for a PCR test through Holland Hospital. Holland Hospital COVID-19 PCR Testing.

Do I still need to test even if I’ve been vaccinated? Yes. Current guidelines state that no vaccine is 100% effective against infection and we do not know if someone has no symptoms of an infection, such as with vaccination, they could still transmit to teammates.

What if I tested positive for COVID-19 already? Do I still need to take the antigen test? If you tested positive within the last 90 days, you do not need to test. A valid doctor’s note must be provided attesting that you fall into this category. As soon as 90 days have passed since your positive results or no documentation is on file, then athletes must proceed with the test if they intend to participate in spring sports.  


Testing Locations:

High School:

B-107 (North building, next door to the athletic training facility)

Macatawa Bay:

Room 608 – Nurse Amy’s Office

Harbor Lights:

Room 161

Positive Antigen Test Procedures:

Any student-athlete who tests positive via the antigen testing process will be sent home immediately with instructions to self-isolate. A school official will contact a parent/guardian of the positive student-athlete to notify them of the positive test and provide testing and follow-up instructions.

A follow-up COVID PCR test must be obtained within 48 hours of the positive antigen test..

School administration will be contacted and the positive antigen test reported. The student-athlete must not return to school or any athletic activities until a PCR test result is obtained and the results are submitted to your respective school administration (see below).

WO High School Contacts:

Bill Kennedy – Athletic Director


Phone: 616-292-5379

Karen Dykema – Athletic Secretary


Phone: 616-786-1118

Macatawa Bay Middle School:

Bill Kennedy – Athletic Director


Phone: 616-292-5379

Lauren Duistermars – Athletic Coordinator


Harbor Lights Middle School:

Bill Kennedy – Athletic Director


Phone: 616-292-5379

Lauren Duistermars – Coordinator


Holland Hospital Laboratory Services PCR Testing:

Location: 854 Washington Ave, Building A, Suite 100, Holland MI 49423
Testing Hours: Monday-Friday 3:00PM – 7:00PM

Scheduling Website:
Holland Hospital COVID-19 PCR Testing

  • Same day scheduling for PCR testing is available until 12:00PM.
  • Parents must have insurance information ready during scheduling.

**Important** Scheduling Instructions:

    • Click website link above
    • Select an appointment time (must be within 48 hours of positive antigen test)
    • Fill out patient demographics
    • If child is covered under a primary insurance provider, select “yes” and enter required insurance information


  • Complete remaining information relative to child being tested


    • For “Symptomatic as defined by the CDC?”, select ‘Yes’
    • For “Date of Symptom Onset”, enter the date of the positive antigen test
    • For “Symptoms”, select ‘Suspected exposure to COVID-19’
  • Click ‘Sign In’ to complete the process

PCR Testing Results:

  • Test results will be sent to the email address entered in the scheduling process
  • Results will typically be delivered within 24-48 hours
  • A copy of the test results must be submitted to all school administration listed above for your respective school prior to your child’s return to school or spring sports.