Panthers News · Winter Sports Statement

West Ottawa Athletics Community

First and foremost, the West Ottawa High School Administration & Athletics Department would like to thank the community for their support of our student athletes as they continue to face the challenges brought on by the pandemic. It is clear that athletics and all of the wonderful experiences that go with sports matter to our student athletes, coaches, and our community.  We are thankful for that.

West Ottawa High School is committed to doing everything we can to get our winter sports athletes back on the court, mat, and ice. We are working on contingency plans to ensure that our programs have an opportunity to create memories on the fields of play. We are positive that we can offer opportunities to compete in a safe and healthy matter as we have been doing since June. We will continue to do everything in our power to provide a safe and inclusive environment for our student athletes.  All of our winter coaches are working with their teams to make sure that regardless of when we play the Panthers will be ready to go.

It is our belief that Schools are best positioned to provide structured and safe environments for competition. High school athletics is a co-curricular extension of the classroom and these activities provide valuable lessons that last a lifetime. Extracurricular athletics are integral to the emotional and physical wellbeing of our students. The safety and wellbeing of our students has been and continues to remain our top priority. 

Earlier this week West Ottawa Public Schools in conjunction with the OAISD prepared a joint statement of support for our student athletes and submitted it to the Office of the Governor and MDHHS. We are hopeful that the current delay will be reviewed and the MHSAA will be given the go ahead to resume Winter Sports in the near future.