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If you are in high school and are playing a sport during the 2019-2020 school year, please be sure to get your ImPACT test done during one of the testing sessions listed in the “ImPACT sign up” link. Please read below for sports that are exempt. If you are not signed up for a test during one of these sessions and are practicing without taking a baseline ImPACT test, you will be pulled from practice until you have completed your baseline ImPACT test. A baseline is required for any freshman, junior, new or transfer student, or anyone who did not take the test during the 2018-2019 school year. The following dates and times are for athletes who need to take their ImPACT test.  Please use the “ImPACT sign up” link above or below to sign-up for a testing date and time.


All testing will take place at West Ottawa North building. Please report to the athletic training room (room B105 – located on the far west end of the building just down the hallway from the athletics office) 15 minutes prior to your scheduled testing session and Frank or Jenna will take the group to the computer lab from there.



Who needs to take this?
All incoming freshmen, new or transfer students, juniors or anyone who did not take the test during the 2018-2019 school year and are playing a sport during the 2019-2020 school year. The following sports do not need to take the ImPACT test – dance, swim (with the exception of divers who DO need to take the ImPACT test), golf, track, cross country and tennis. If you are unsure if you need to take the test please contact your athletic trainer below.

What is this for?
The ImPACT test is a baseline test of cognitive brain function that will be used if an athlete sustains a concussion to help determine if any brain function is impaired.

I took this test 2 years ago so why do I need to take it again?
Because brains in high school develop at such a quick rate it is recommended that athletes be tested every 2 years to ensure that the baseline test reflects where the brain is currently functioning.

How long will the test take and do I need to bring anything?
The test will take about 45 minutes to an hour from start to finish.  Parents do NOT need to stay for the test and you do not need to bring anything with you.

Where is the athletic training room located?
The athletic training room is in the north building on the far west end of the building, just down the hallway from the athletics office in between the boys’ and girls’ athletic locker rooms. There is a large panther head on the wall right outside of our room.

Please be sure to choose a date and time. Testing sessions are subject to change if we don’t have any athletes signed up for a particular day and time.

For questions please contact:

Jenna Maki – West Ottawa Athletic Trainer – – 616-610-3774 or 616-786-1100 ext 8181
Frank Lerchen – West Ottawa Athletic Trainer – – 616-566-6927 or 616-786-1100 ext 8180


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