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Multiple Teams · The Dirty Work

Austin Boyce (Quarterback) – Austin Boyce, mostly known as Clutch Boyce to friends and teammates, is one of those players who inspires those who see him play. Boyce is the third string quarterback behind Caleb McNitt and Luke Bakker. Boyce does the dirty work in practice. Boyce takes hits, get bumps and bruises and gets up every time, but he often does not see the field on Fridays. Boyce always subs in an out on the scout team to make his teammates better for the game on Fridays. Boyce is one of those players people never hear about because he does all the work in practice where it really counts. West Ottawa was scrimmaging Muskegon and it was Boyce’s time. The ball was snapped and Boyce fumbled, picked it up and ran to the right; there were two Muskegon players waiting for him and Boyce was thrown to the ground immediately. Boyce popped up right back on his feet immediately and ran to the huddle for the next play. “He’s always in a good mood when seen in practice, rain or shine he still sacrifices his body to make his team better but still never gets the glory, “ Sr. Justin Freeman said. ”He always puts his team before himself. “

Keenan Montoya (Linemen) – Keenan Montoya is one of the under rated players in the offensive line because of his height. When talking about a high school offensive linemen most people think of a 6’3 280 pound linemen. Montoya is a 5’10 205 pound linemen, but Montoya makes up for it with his amazing strength to block defenders to spring the running back to the secondary and to protect the quarterback as well. Even though Montoya is undersized for his position, he’s successful and has the will to win. When against Northview in a scrimmage Montoya had a key block to buy quarterback Caleb McNitt a little more time to pass the ball to running back Christian Rodino to get a gain of 15 yards. But teammates don’t say good job to the linemen, they say it to the person who caught the ball. High fives and good jobs were said to Rodino while nothing was said to Montoya. He doesn’t care how big or strong his opponent is, he will go after him and get the job done. Offensive linemen never get the glory for doing the dirty work which creates plays on every down. “Keenan is part of a solid offensive line that takes great pride in what they do. Keenan is a blue collar lineman that helps stabilize the offense,” Coach Matt Naber said.

Jarrit Scholten (Nose tackle) – Jarrit Scholten is a big player to block. At 6’1 250 pounds,Scholten is a big factor of the defense and fills a big gap as well. Scholten does all the dirty work by getting blocked every single play on the defensive side and barely gets tackles. He sacrifices those duties for his other teammates to make the plays. When against Kenowa Hills Scholten was blocked by two offensive linemen closing the gap changing the running backs direction while the Linebacker Mason Dekker gets recognized for the tackle and Scholten gets no recognition for the assist. He rushes in trying to get the quarterback and is either blocked by linemen or the running back on every play. Nose tackles rarely get any recognition for taking on blockers.On every play they either double team or triple team Scholten to stop him in his tracks so he can’t make the tackle on the quarterback or to stop the run.“He takes on blockers on every play and is an important part of our defense and fills a big gap, “ Sr. Justin Freeman said.