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Multiple Teams · Winter sports interview- Girls basketball

“The past three years on Varsity we have never gone over .500. That has been disappointing, and I am ready to have a successful season this year.”

Although the girls basketball season is already underway, we were able to get a full interview with Julie Brown, the point guard for the varsity team over the last three years.

How will this team be different than last year?

“We will have much more experience this year. For once we actually have height, with Molly Borgman at 6’2. Also, many of us have been playing together for years in the off seasons.”

Who is the most improved player?

“Molly Borgman. Although she has always been tall she has really gotten stronger this year and has learned to keep the ball high. On defense she is an excellent shot blocker. Recently, she has developed post moves that help her score against any defender. (Besides myself. Obviously I got that lock down defense)”

What are the post season chances?

“Although our district is difficult, if we keep improving throughout the season and play well during the tournament I think we have a chance at winning districts.”

Tell a WO fan one thing to look forward to at one of the games.

“Odds are Molly is going to dunk. If the hoop is lowered to eight feet I will possibly dunk. We might win. We will probably score over twenty points. No promises though.”

Describe a moment from practice that reveals something about your team.

“Maddie and Alex Archer (Alex played high school basketball up until this year) dad, Frank Archer, passed away after a long battle of cancer about two weeks into the season. He was there at every game and was a part of the program. Now, on both our home and away jerseys we have a badge that say F.L.A. in memory of him. It shows how close we are as a team and how this season we are able to play for Frank as well.”

How did you prepare in the offseason?

“In the spring and fall we played in a courthouse league as a team called WEWO. Also, since last season ended we have weight lifted and had open gyms weekly. In addition, we went to Hope and Calvin team camps this past summer.”

The season is already 6 games under way and the team is 3-3. Although not a stellar record, they have lost by no more than 4 points in any of the three losses. The team has had impressive wins as well, beating Holland, Wyoming, and Zeeland east. Their next game is Friday at 700 at Westottawa.