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Coed Varsity Sideline Cheer, Girls Varsity Sideline Cheer · Hard work paid off for WO Varsity Cheer at Champion Beast Camp 2013!!!


Beast Camp 2013 2

Champion Beast Camp is our debut!  Beast Camp brings together Varsity teams across the State to learn new material, new stunting skills, tumbling techniques, etc. for their upcoming sideline season.  This camp covers EVERYTHING that this sport has to offer!

West Ottawa Varsity Cheerleading was recognized in MANY ways during Beast Camp 2013.  During our 3 days at camp we were awarded with 5 station awards (Material, Tumbling, Stunting Fundamentals, Pyramids, Team Skills)!  We received the bronze medal in the competitive and fun Cheerlympics relay!  Also, WO Cheer had 4 athletes recognized for the ALL-CHAMPION Award… This Award is given to Seniors ONLY and is based on a tryout during camp.

A big congratulations to Erica Kuiper, Tina Chamniphavongsa, Jaylyn McCloy, and Elizabeth Stearns for receiving the ALL-CHAMPION AWARD!!!

On FINAL DAY, awards are given out to teams who have been recognized in a positive way throughout the entire camp experience.  We are proud to have brought home the “PMA AWARD”!  Positive Mental Attitude Award goes to the team who kept pushing, who never stopped, and who always kept a positive outlook in every skill, stunt, pyramid, and cheer.

Beast Camp 2013