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Multiple Teams · Panthers in College: Raven Trammell

Over the course of the summer will be interviewing several West Ottawa Alumni who have continued playing a sport at the college level. Look for more of these articles soon, to find them click here.

By: Ireana Bernal

The transformation from high school sports to college sports is a large leap. The practices get more intense, the preparation is tougher and school becomes more of a challenge. Raven Trammell has experienced all this first hand. She plays basketball at Lake Superior State University.

She played basketball for all four of her high school years, and decided to continue her journey. “I always wanted to play basketball in college. It was always a goal of mine; also being offered a full ride helped a lot too.” Trammell didn’t think the transformation would be so different from high school basketball to college basketball.

For example, practices can get very stressful. In high school you only have practices for two hours a day, with the possibility of weekend conditioning. in college, if you play a sport you have to be really committed and focus on your main priority’s. “Our practices are 3 hours long in pre-season and 2 hours during the season. They’re intense the entire time. No breaks or taking it easy.”

One of the biggest transformations Trammell has realized is the pace of the game. “The biggest difference from high school basketball and college basketball would be the pace of the game. It’s so much faster. It’s like having a full time job. You’re playing 8 out of 12 months.” To be in a college sport you have too be 100 percent committed.

Trammell also expresses how the pressure of playing in a sport and doing school work changes drastically as well. “It’s hard to keep up with school work on road trips, but if you choose the right school it’s not so bad. Basketball is a lot different too because it’s all on you. On how hard you work in and out of practice. You have to do extra work all the time.”

Trammels biggest inspiration to keep going would be her family. “My family is hands down my biggest supporters. My parents have sacrificed so much in order for me to get where I am. My sibling have too, they’ve all gone to my games and tournaments to show support.”

    Lake Superior State University’s womens basketball team has struggled over the years. Trammell hopes to help pull her team through, and become a better team over all. With all her hard work and effort she has improved a lot between her freshmen and sophomore years of college. In her freshmen year of college (2010-11) she only averaged 3 points per game, but Trammell’s sophomore year (2011-12) increased to 7 points per game. She has also contributed to other teammates scoring numbers as well.

Trammell will continue her hard work and hope to keep getting better. She strives to be the best, and continues the rough transformation from high school to college. At the end of the day she is happy with her choice to continue basketball.