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Boys Junior Varsity Golf, Boys Varsity Golf · The Ultimate WO Golfer

Golf is played by millions of people worldwide, from a young age until they are well into retirement. Despite this there isn’t a single golfer that is perfect at every aspect of the game. West Ottawa has several good golfers this year, so we decided to do a little research, sit down with some of the players, and build the “perfect” golfer. This was accomplished by taking the West Ottawa players with the best drives, irons, chips, and putts and combining them into one golfer.

The results are as follows;

Soph. Luke Overbeek’s Drives: Driving is often times when the round is won and lost. Some people can hit the ball with incredible distance, but little accuracy while others experience just the opposite. Accuracy and power are crucial and Luke Overbeek is the golfer at West Ottawa who is the best at both. Teammate Kyle Harper said, “On the range, Luke rips his drives long and straight.”

Jr. Evan Printz’s Irons: Once a player drives the ball well, it comes down to his or her accuracy in the midrange game. It can be extremely difficult to capitalize on a good drive if they cannot use their irons effectively. Evan Printz clearly uses his irons more effectively than anyone else on the team. Harper said, “Evan controls his irons really well; if he’s inside 200(yards), chances are he’ll be on or near the green.”

Sr. Zach Bouwkamp’s Chips: After a player gets near the green via their irons or their drive, the next crucial step is to chip the ball. Chipping is an aspect of the game that has been known to make or break a round for many players. In order to be the great at chipping a player must be consistent with their swing and he must also be able to understand the green well in order to properly place his chip. Zach Bouwkamp has become one of the best golfers at West Ottawa due to his chips. Two of his teammates praised him highly. “Zach’s chips are spectacular, he really knows how to place the ball well,” said Jr. Michael deForest. Printz said, “Zach is the best chipper on the team. He stays after practice to practice on his chips. No matter where he is off the green he makes sure his chips are exactly where he wants them to be.”

Jr. Kyle Harper’s Putting: Putting is the aspect of the game that has created some of the best memories for us spectators; whether it’s Tiger Woods’ incredible putts from the mid 2000s or Mickelson’s 18-foot birdie putt on the 72nd hole to win his first ever Masters in 2004. The key to having solid putts is to be able to read the green and that’s exactly what Harper does well. “Since he’s been practicing more and getting used to reading the greens he’s starting to make those clutch putts. The key to this for Kyle is that he’s been taking the time to look at the putt and make sure that he knows exactly where and how strong the break is,” said teammate Evan Printz.

Players were selected based on input from their teammates, opponents and contributors.