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Varsity Basketball Schedule & Roster

OVERALL RECORD: 11-6-0     |     CONF RECORD: 2-0-0
Schedule & Results
Date Time Opponent Conf. Away Home Result Details
12.10.20137:30pm@ Holland High SchoolN2942L (Map)
12.17.20137:00pm@ Hamilton High SchoolN5045W (Map)
12.20.20137:00pm@ Wayland Union High SchoolN POSTPONED
12.23.20137:00pm@ Wayland Union HSN
01.02.20146:00pm@ Zalma High SchoolNZeeland East Tournament @ Zeeland East High School (Map)
01.02.20146:00pmJenison High SchoolN5041L (Map)
01.03.2014TBAPlainwell High SchoolN44455L (Map)
01.03.20148:00pm@ Zeeland East Tournament @ Zeeland East High SchoolN
01.07.20147:00pmMuskegon Catholic Central High SchoolN5162W POSTPONED (Map)
01.11.20143:30pm@ Wayland Union HSN
01.14.20147:00pmRockford High SchoolC4046W (Map)
01.15.20147:00pmMusk. Catholic CentralN POSTPONED (Map)
01.17.20147:00am@ Grandville High SchoolN5844W (Map)
01.17.20147:45pm@ Grandville High SchoolN (Map)
01.21.20147:00pm@ Greenville High SchoolN8372W (Map)
01.21.20147:30pm@ Greenville High SchoolN (Map)
01.22.20147:00pmMusk. Catholic CentralN POSTPONED (Map)
01.24.20147:30pm@ East Kentwood High SchoolC POSTPONED (Map)
01.24.20147:45pm@ East Kentwood High SchoolC (Map)
01.28.20147:00pm@ Hudsonville High SchoolN POSTPONED (Map)
01.29.20147:00pmMuskegon Catholic Central High SchoolN5162W (Map)
01.31.20147:45pm@ Grand Haven High SchoolC (Map)
02.04.2014TBA@ Rockford High SchoolN4553L (Map)
02.04.20147:00pm@ Rockford High SchoolN (Map)
02.05.20147:00pm@ East Kentwood High SchoolN5147W (Map)
02.05.20147:30pm@ East Kentwood High SchoolC (Map)
02.05.20147:45pm@ East Kentwood High SchoolN (Map)
02.07.20147:00pmGrandville High SchoolN4061W (Map)
02.07.20147:45pmGrandville High SchoolN (Map)
02.12.20147:00pm@ Hudsonville High SchoolC5452W (Map)
02.14.20147:30pmEast Kentwood High SchoolN5948L (Map)
02.14.20147:45pmEast Kentwood High SchoolN (Map)
02.18.20147:00pmHudsonville High SchoolC (Map)
02.21.20147:00pmGrand Haven High SchoolN4753W (Map)
02.21.20147:45pmGrand Haven High SchoolN (Map)
02.25.20147:00pmHolland Christian High SchoolN (Map)
02.27.20147:00pmGrand Rapids Catholic Central High SchoolN2964W (Map)
03.03.20147:00pm@ Holland High SchoolN4346L (Map)

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First Middle Last Jersey Height Position 1 Position 2 Year
Ben Smith 12 6'1" 2014
Pj Trammell 3 5'9" 2014
Jared Mcnitt 40 6'0" 2014
Stanley Brown 5 6'6" 2014
Tony Sok 5'8" 2015
Demario King 14 2015
Brian Knowles 24 2015
Houston Bedford 32 2015
Braden Carl 11 6'4" 2015
Caleb Mcnitt 4 6'2" 2015
Johnell Williams 2 5'8" 2015
Darius Moragne 33 6'5" 2015



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